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Flackton Yachting was founded with the aim of providing a world-class company in the field of yachting. We have an extremely experienced and ethical team in all aspects of the industry, maintaining the interests of the customer as the primary consideration.

We can offer a comprehensive range of yachts, cruising and racing, for the most enjoyable and unforgettable yachting experience, as well as undertaking the purchase, sale or construction of any yacht on a client’s behalf, and provide a complete management package for both new, or existing yacht owners.

Our associated shipowners are companies with long established nautical careers and recognised professionals in the sector, enabling us to provide and maintain the highest standard of service to our customers in the most friendly and personalised manner, based on first-hand and unbiased advice.

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Yacht Sales

Purchasing or selling a luxury yacht is a unique field that requires not only technical expertise and years of sailing experience, but an understanding of the exact requirements and wishes of the client.

With our extensive knowledge of yachts and years travelling the sea, our team can provide the information, helpful advice and insight required for such a serious undertaking and the successful execution of the transaction.

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Yacht Charters

A yacht charter can be an all-inclusive vacation with the aim of providing customers with the ultimate leisure experience and opportunity to sail to destinations of their choosing, in absolute comfort and privacy.

Whether it is a family vacation, family reunion, honeymoon, corporate event or special occasion, a yacht charter should be specifically designed to meet the needs of the customer and this is the number one priority of our team at Flackton Yachting.

We take pride in providing a comprehensive range of luxury yachts for you to choose from worldwide, giving you the opportunity to find the perfect yacht for your specific event.

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New Constructions

Flackton Yachting building a yacht is an amazing project that requires close supervision, high attention to detail and strong connections with shipyards, designers and contractors in the industry. When you choose to work with Flackton yachting on a new build super yacht, you are in good company and can assure the successful completion of your dream boat.



The aim of Flackton Yachting is to make yacht ownership an enjoyable experience and to this end we strive to provide a fully comprehensive yacht management program. This is handled by an experienced staff of professionals, dedicated to meeting all the necessary compliancy regulations and requirements for our client, captains and crews, wherever the location, or situation.

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